Manhattan Real Estate is hot right now!

I represent both sellers (clients) and buyers (customers) and I am happy to meet or speak with you to understand your specific needs. As I understand your time is valuable, my goal is to have a clear understanding of your needs, so I can come prepared to our initial meeting.

A Counseling and Strategy Session with Jill Sloane
I will provide information on renting vs. buying, neighborhood selection tips, how to prepare for the buying, renting, or selling process, and the different housing options available including coops, condos, or townhouses. It is imperative that we take the necessary time to sit down and understand your needs as buying or selling a home is usually ones largest asset and should be treated accordingly.

Competitive Market Analysis & Pricing
I pride myself on getting the most money for each and every seller I work with. It is imperative in any market that your home is priced correctly and appropriate to the current market conditions. I will provide you with comparative sales that have closed and the competing listings that are currently on the market. It is important to have a strategy when selling. We can decide how we want to price together-either very sharply to create a bidding situation or aggressively for a little negotiability.

It is very important to be represented by a broker who is accurate in their pricing and knows the ever-changing New York Real Estate market. As I am in this business everyday in a wide variety of price ranges, I am confident in my knowledge of pricing. You will not get an unrealistically "high" price from me, but a price that I believe in and know I can deliver. It is also important to work with a broker who cares about the end result and not just a "quick sale." What drives me is getting the best price for my sellers.

I have now been in this business for 10 years. I can honestly say I still get excited about each and every deal that I make. Whether it's a $300,000 studio or a $10 + million dollar sale that I feel I negotiated to the best of my ability.

Teaching "Boot Camp" at Halstead
I feel honored to teach the new agents at Halstead's Boot Camp. I teach a class on "How to get Exclusives". I started in this business in 1999 with not 1 real estate contact. I am proof that when you love what you do and set goals, you can achieve them!

jill Sloane